Tip Of The Day: When NOT To Wear High Heels

A killer pair of heels can make a woman feel tall, powerful and sexy. Wearing them at inappropriate times, though, can make her look lean more towards the trashy or the ridiculous. Avoid wearing heels to these locations and you’ll never have a questionable shoe moment.

[Sometimes it’s best not to break out the stilettos. Avoid wearing high heels at the beach, sporting events and the airport. Photo courtesy cowbite/Flickr.]

The beach or the swimming pool

Only models and the ultimate fashionistas in the fantasy world of Sex and the City can pull off the swimsuit and high heels combination. Otherwise that outfit looks, well, more like that of a Playboy bunny. Plus no one can walk on sand in heels. Stick with some good ole flip-flops.

Sporting events

Keep the girly girl accessories to a minimum at sporting events. You can still look feminine without bringing out the stilettos at the ball game. Wear a cute outfit and some flats instead.

The airport

You may want to channel your inner adorable world traveler by wearing heels and carrying matching luggage, but the reality of the airport makes that shoe choice a bit unsuitable. Do you really want to hightail through the airport in four-inch heels because of a last-minute gate change? Or balance on one precarious spike while trying to take off your other shoe in the security line? You won’t be sorry if you wear your slightly beaten up, but most comfy shoes when traveling.

Do you have an embarrassing shoe moment? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

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11 responses to “Tip Of The Day: When NOT To Wear High Heels

  1. Bethany Rathbun

    I am guilty. Wore heels to the airport. I was on my way to Vegas though!

  2. Great advice! I’m not much of a heel girl, only because I’m running around like crazy on campus. Most of this is common sense, but you’ll be surprised how many people just are clueless.

  3. I disagree with #3! You never know who you’re going to meet at the airport. I hate when I see people in their PJs and random sweats. Yuck! Come on now, you’re in public! Maybe we could keep it to cute high-heeled wedges and shorter heels? 🙂

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  5. Leslie

    I can’t agree more with you on the airport one. Every time I see a woman teetering through the airport I can’t help but judge. You have either never flown before or you are an idiot.

  6. Thanks Leslie. I always find that amusing/perplexing as well. 🙂

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