Fashion Trend: The Maxi Dress

Since summer clothes began hitting stores a few months ago, I’ve seen the maxi dress popping up everywhere. This floor length flowy gown is made of lightweight fabric and often comes in tropical prints and bright colors.

[The maxi dress is a hot trend right now, but this long dress doesn’t look flattering on many women. Photo courtesy Forever 21.]

Maybe I’m just jealous because my five-foot stature would never allow me to wear a maxi dress, but it doesn’t seem like this trend can appeal to the masses. These dresses seem to be fit only for models and Amazonian women.

According to a National Health Statistics Report conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2003 to 2006, the average woman’s height in the U.S. is about 5 foot 3 inches. Meaning most women in the U.S. would look like toddlers playing dress up in their mothers’ clothes if they wore maxi dresses.

Everything about the maxi dress isn’t all bad, though. The dress appears to be a fashionable and easy alternative to a swimsuit cover up. It also would be a nice, breezy outfit on a hot summer day. It’s just not a good trend for anyone who doesn’t have miles of legs.

What do you think about the maxi dress? Do you own one? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section.

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9 responses to “Fashion Trend: The Maxi Dress

  1. Vanessa Martindale

    I disagree that petite girls can’t wear maxi dresses. If anything maxi dresses are great because they elongate your frame with one uniform colour/print. I’m 5 foot like you and asian. The Ao Dai (vietnamese long dress) is a very good example of head to toe threads making you look long and leaner.
    Also, I love the simplicity in a one step outfit!

  2. Thanks for the comment Vanessa! Maybe I’m just not brave enough to try a maxi dress. I googled “Ao Dai” and those dresses are gorgeous! I too love the simplicity of pulling a dress over your head and being ready for the day! Thanks for reading! I love comments and suggestions!

    • Vanessa Martindale

      Just stumbled on your response! I am still searching for that “perfect” maxi dress and frankly and frustrated to temptation of saving for a tailored dress. Have you found the courage to try a maxi dress yet?
      Also what would be your ideal dream dress?

      • Hey Vanessa,
        Sorry to hear about your maxi dress frustrations. I haven’t had the courage to try one yet. Maybe next summer.
        Hmmm my dream dress. Well I guess it’s pretty simple. I’d want something elegant and flattering. How bout you?

  3. Vanessa Martindale

    I’m fixated on the maxi STILL. Something about it makes me want to find the perfect one. It just is so effortless and feminine and timeless to me. Simple too. I’m a big fan of simple these days. the dream morning is pick a cute dress, cute shoes and go!
    Your dream dress description sounds quite general. “My perfect dress is trashy and UNflattering” who wouldn’t want flattering but be more specific. Dream a little. If you have to wear one thing, what would it be? What colour/cut makes you feel exceptionally hot/beautiful/uniquely you?

    • Vanessa Martindale

      Oh sorry. my dream dress is a sleeved sheath dress. slight flare at hem. Super soft and stretchy jersey. Cream in colour but not see through.
      can be dressed up or down with denim jacket and brown flats/boots for day casual, blazer and closed toe heels for business formal, and sexy heels and tons of shine for evening. I could literally wear this everyday.
      2 probems. don’t have it yet. and I would miss colour (yellow mostly) and flowers. How would you incorporate a pop of colour and a whimsical flower in this?
      so there. my version of the little black dress I guess. now to learn to sew or find a tailor….

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