Tip Of The Day: Don’t Wear Band-Aids and High Heels

While out on the town last night, I noticed a girl wearing a cute striped wrap dress and pink stilettos so tall they were worthy of Carrie Bradshaw. This outfit would have received my nod of approval, and I would have returned to sipping my beer, had I not then noticed the band-aids.

[If those adorable shoes rub your poor feet raw please wear band-aids—just keep them covered! Nothing makes an outfit go from cute to tacky like a stray band-aid. Photo by ashleigh290/Flickr.]

The girl had placed a band-aid on the back of each ankle, right above the shoe-line. Presumably she did this to keep her shoes from rubbing, which would have been fine if the band-aids had been hidden inside her shoes. But they were quite obviously there. The one on her left ankle was even half falling off. Nothing says classy like a band-aid dragging behind you. At least they were nude-colored, but as anyone who has ever worn band-aids knows, they don’t exactly blend into the skin.

Ladies, this is another case of when not to wear high heels. Please, if you just can’t leave those cute heels at home and must wear band-aids in order to survive, at least wear pants!

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4 responses to “Tip Of The Day: Don’t Wear Band-Aids and High Heels

  1. Becky

    I have to respectfully disagree, I actually think that band-aids look great with high heels. In fact I wear band aids with both high heels and flats almost every day, as protection against recurrent blisters, as do several other women that I know. I’ve even had at least one cute guy chuckle and compliment me for wearing bandaids with my high heels as a sign of my grit and determination to be fashionable at all costs. That was all I had to hear to know it was A-OK for me to wear bandaids with my high heels, even if they are showing a little.

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