Fashion Trend: Combining Vintage With Modern

Delicate jewelry. Embroidered tops. Lace. Nothing looks more feminine than clothes with vintage touches. Keep your look fresh, and not reminiscent of your grandmother’s wardrobe, by pairing vintage with modern pieces. Think skinny cargos and moto boots.

Want to add a little romance to your wardrobe? Check out the looks below to learn how to mix vintage elements with today’s trends.

[Pair soft and edgy pieces to update vintage items for fashion today. Photos courtesy Maurices and Forever 21.]

The look above mixes hard and soft elements to create an outfit that is ultra-modern. With a floral overlay, fluttery sleeves and a soft cream color, this vintage-looking top from Maurices is super sweet. But when paired with skinny jeans or cargos, and these edgy brown moto boots from Forever 21, the top goes from sweet to sexy.

[Menswear-inspired pieces combined with ultra feminine, vintage styles keep this look fresh. Photos courtesy American Eagle and Forever 21.]

Combining a classic, like this white oxford shirt from American Eagle, with a vintage piece, like this flowy gray skirt from Forever 21, creates a simple, yet sophisticated look. Add some vintage jewelry to up the feminine feel of this outfit.

[Military-inspired clothing is super fun to pair with girly pieces. Photos courtesy American Eagle and Old Navy.]

This pretty bronze-colored tank with fabric flowers from Old Navy goes great under an army green military jacket, like this one from American Eagle. Pair military-inspired styles with ruffles and lace to keep the look feminine.

Do you like the vintage look? How do you like to wear it? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

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9 responses to “Fashion Trend: Combining Vintage With Modern

  1. Celia

    Hey question…saw a gal last night that was in a evening cocktail length dress looking thing that was totally ruffled, tank strap style, & beige colored..and wore matching colored heels. Looked out of place in the casual dining restaurant we were at but appeared to be “trendy.” Is that considered the new vintage look? Not sure about the whole ruffled thing.

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