Fashion Trend: Adorable Fall Boots Under $50

Walking through a pile of colorful crunchy leaves may be one of the best parts about fall, but it can only get better if you have a pair of cute fall boots on your feet.

From the over the knee boots trend to Western-inspired styles to ankle booties to high-heeled boots, the picks are endless. Below are just a few of the great boots out there. Check out this season’s styles below and tips on how to incorporate fall boots into your wardrobe while staying on budget.

Cowboy boots

You don’t have to be from the Midwest to enjoy wearing Western-style boots. The four styles below are modern and affordable.

[Both of these cute ankle styles (pictured top right and left) are only $30 from Target. Photos courtesy Target. These Western boots with great details (pictured bottom right and left) are $37 and $35, respectively. Photos courtesy Forever 21.]

With a palette of warm browns, these boots are the essence of fall. Tuck skinny jeans into Target’s pointy toed ankle boots to show off the detailed buckles and straps. If skinny jeans aren’t your thing, wear these high heel ankle boots from Target under wider-leg jeans. The slight heel will give a boost to your height and the cute rounded toe will peep out from the jeans.

For a more edgy look, wear these suede ankle boots with crossover straps from Forever 21 with a tight mini dress. Or give off a more casual vibe by pairing these Western slouchy boots from Forever 21 with a flowy dress. The key with cowboy boots is to not go over-the-top with Western. Don’t wear a plaid button-down shirt and a cowboy hat with your boots (no matter how cute they are separately.)

Cuffed boots

One of this season’s super fashionable trends is cuffed boots. These statement-making shoes aren’t for the faint of heart, so proceed with caution.

[These black cuffed boots (pictured left) from Forever 21 are only $35. Photo courtesy Forever 21. These studded boots from DSW (pictured right) are $50 and also come in black. Photo courtesy DSW.]

Wear these flirty black cuffed boots from Forever 21 on a night out. The heavy cuff might weigh down the look so make sure to balance with form fitting pants and tops or even a tight mini skirt. For an easy bohemian look wear these studded cuffed boots from DSW with a floral or abstract print dress. Or wear them with your favorite worn-in jeans for a casual weekend look.

Over the knee boots

With the right outfit, over the knee boots can be super fun. Go for a dramatic look with stiletto styles or wear flats for a more understated confidence.

[These slouchy black over the knee boots (pictured left) can be oh-so-chic with the right styling. They are $43 from Forever 21. A flat pair of over the knee boots, like these casual tan boots, (pictured right) are great everyday wear. They are $36 from Forever 21. Photos courtesy Forever 21.]

Although thigh-skimming over the knee boots can be extremely sexy, you’ll be walking a fine line between stylish and dominatrix if you choose a black high heeled style like the one pictured left from Forever 21. If you’re confident enough to pull these black bow boots off, pair them with black leggings and a tunic dress. The boots will blend into the leggings and tone down the sex appeal. Avoid wearing tight mini skirts and leather with these boots.

If you want to try an over the knee style, but are concerned about looking too Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, try a flat pair or a pair that isn’t so tight on the legs. For a comfy everyday look, wear these over the knee riding boots from Forever 21 with skinny jeans and a slightly oversized top.

Do you love fall boots? What’s your must-have style of the season? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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Boots obsessed? Find out more about this stylish fall footwear:


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12 responses to “Fashion Trend: Adorable Fall Boots Under $50

  1. Kelsey

    Yes yes yes!!!
    Is it possible to have a boot-gasm over these?
    Let’s play together soon and bond over our love of boots.

  2. Bethany

    You make me want to go shopping. I need some black boots and I think I will be headed to Forever 21. Suggestions for winter coats. Warm + style.

  3. Personally, I love pea coats. They instantly make your outfit look more stylish and they look great with scarves.

    I have this one that I purchased from Forever 21 last year that’s made out of a fabric that reminds me of sweatshirt material. I like it because usually I wear a lot of layers and the coat is soft and comfortable. I feel like I can move easily in it. But if you want something that’s super warm go with a coat made out of wool.

    Let me know if this helps!

  4. I love all your picks! I have been salivating over over-the-knee boots for a while…I may be getting some this weekend, finally! I agree with you completely on the no-over-the-knee-boots with mini skirts rule…tone it down so you don’t look so risque! I want to wear mine with leggings, jeggings and long scarves…instantly makes you looks taller 🙂 Thanks for the great post!

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