Thrift Store Find: Vintage White Suede and Leather Ankle Boots

This blog often focuses on finding trendy modern clothes, while staying on budget. Another option (and to me, the more fun option) to find cheap stylish clothing is to buy vintage.

To highlight my love for vintage, I’m starting a segment on this blog called “Thrift Store Find,” which will feature vintage clothing or accessories that can work for a modern wardrobe. Here’s the first one:

[Find fun vintage pieces for cheap (like these ankle boots) from antique malls, thrift stores and estate sales.]

Recently, I found these adorable white ankle boots at a local antique mall for $16. The boots didn’t have any markings or tags, so I wasn’t able to research their age, but my guess from the style is that they’re from the ’80s.

These boots immediately caught my eye because of their cute shape. I love the cutout detailing on the top of the boots and the combination of suede and leather. Normally I wouldn’t have purchased a vintage item that was so scuffed, but they were just too sweet to pass up.

So far I’ve worn them with skinny jeans and a chunky sweater. They would also work with a mini skirt and leggings.

What do you think about my vintage find? Do you buy vintage? Tell me about it in the comments section.

Photo by Kirsten Hudson

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11 responses to “Thrift Store Find: Vintage White Suede and Leather Ankle Boots

  1. Hunter Wright

    I like you; and your style!

  2. Vanessa Martindale

    I LOVE Vintage or thrift store shopping. It’s my therapy after looking after 2 babies all day. So fun when you find a gem.
    Those boots are sooo neat and you can’t beat that price! The top cutout reminds me of lightning bolts. Notice any super powers when you put them on? 😛
    You should post the whole outfit to see how it works. What colour of tights would it go with? Black? Cream?

    • Hi Vanessa,
      Thanks for commenting! I also love it when I find something perfect!
      I haven’t noticed any super powers when I wore the boots, but sometimes I feel like the perfect pair of shoes just makes me feel good. It might just be my love of shoes, though. 🙂
      I will definitely post a picture of my outfit!
      What’s your favorite item that you’ve found at a thrift store?

      • Vanessa Martindale

        Hi (ummm don’t have a name so) Et,
        Yes! looking forward to seeing how the whole ensemble works to inspire me. I’ve been trying to convert the wardrobe over myself to lighter fare. Particularly winter to more light colours like cream (so lux and elegant and chic in cool weather) and browns but end up just buying more greys and blacks. This can be very depressing and starts to make me feel like a Sicilian widow in permanent mourning. Maybe I’m just bored with black everything.
        Case in point. I am looking at my 5 black boots that I bought at the thrift store (~$10 each) this winter alone and I am only still in love with the one brown suede pair (my fave item to answer your question)! weird
        I would post a picture of my lovelies but am not sure how short of starting my own blog. Maybe I should……
        it might be a better audience to talk clothes obsession than my bewildered husband!

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