Thrift Store Find: Vintage Selby Tuxedo Pumps

Before the holiday season, I scored these classic black and white pumps by Selby at my local Salvation Army for just $1.

[Wear these chic vintage tuxedo pumps with other menswear-inspired clothing.]

These snazzy menswear-inspired pumps are probably from the 70s or 80s. I immediately singled them out from all of the other shoes on the rack as vintage shoes, but what I love about them is that they still have a modern look.

These shoes’ classic two-toned coloring and punch out etchings give them a conservative look that’s perfect for the office, but still fun. Plus, they have a manageable two-inch heel.

I’d wear these tuxedo shoes with other menswear-inspired pieces such as tailored dress pants and a classic fitted oxford shirt or a belted cardigan.

The outsides of both shoes are still in great condition. The inside linings on both shoes are starting to pull away, but that won’t matter once I put them on (which I plan to do and frequently!)

Do you love vintage? Have you scored any vintage pieces lately? I’d love to hear about your finds in the comments section.

Photo by Kirsten Hudson

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13 responses to “Thrift Store Find: Vintage Selby Tuxedo Pumps

  1. Vanessa Martindale

    LOVE the detailing. Great find!
    I wish I could wear pumps. I just walk right out of them unless there’s a strap.

  2. Jordan Walker

    Man, what luck! I never find cute shoes in my size at thrift stores. People from the 60s and 70s didn’t wear size 9 I suppose haha.

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