Loving This Outfit: Floral Summer Dress

During the sticky summer months, when donning a pair of jeans almost certainly means fashion-induced heat exhaustion, I live in light, airy dresses. The almost-not-there feeling of flimsy dresses gets me through those days when even air conditioning can’t stop you from sweating.

Now that the season is shifting to fall (thank goodness!), you don’t have to pack away your lightweight dresses. They make great transitional pieces between summer and fall—for those odd days when Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind on the weather. Take the dress and add a pair of tights, fall boots, maybe a tank top underneath for added warmth and a cardigan, and you’re set for that cool-ish, but not chilly autumn weather.

During the summer, I paired this soft floral-patterned dress from PacSun with a brown woven belt found at a thrift store, a vintage golden necklace and cutout white flats from Target. Stay tuned for my autumn-inspired outfit using the same dress.

[Short, lightweight dresses are my summer favorites.]

[The rustic quality of this woven belt complements the delicate floral pattern of the dress.]

[Fueling my vintage-everything obsession, I bought this vintage necklace at a flea market for $4!]

[Take that 100 degree-plus temperatures. This outfit shows you can look cute and stay cool during the dog days of summer.]

[Speaking of dogs…my dog, Andi, wanted to take part in the “photo shoot.” She’s wearing a lovely light pink harness that complements her tan undertones.]

What do you think of my outfit? What’s your favorite summer attire? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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9 responses to “Loving This Outfit: Floral Summer Dress

  1. Very cute dress and I agree clothes can be easily mixed and matched, dressed up or down for different seasons. Versatility is part of my motto and re-using/wearing your clothes is very practical.

  2. Jordan Walker

    Looks good toots! Short, floral dresses and flats made my summer this year. Easy to put together, great to accessorize with and comfy all day long!

  3. I love that vintage necklace you got! So cute. I will definitely be wearing my flowy dresses with boots, belts and maybe some long cardis as the weather (yay!) transitions. Are you back in the States?

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