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Get The Look: Snow Bunny-Inspired Fashion

The amount of snow that hit the Midwest the past two days has been termed Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon and my favorite, Blizzard of Oz. While I’ve found it difficult to think about fashion when I’m trying to thaw out my car and remove a foot of snow from my driveway, the snow does keep inspiring me with winter fashion looks.

I particularly like the idea of the “snow bunny” look. To me, “snow bunny” conjures up images of pure white ski coats and warm fur lined boots. The term “snow bunny” may be a little silly, but I still love the idea of a clean white outfit during this chilly season. Below are some snow-inspired picks that are, well, cute as a bunny.

Crazy winter hats allow you to make a fool of yourself, while still looking adorable. Check out these cute head toppers:

[Wear these sweet hats for a little fun on a winter day. Photos Courtesy Forever 21.]

These adorable hats just make me smile. The pom pom adds a bit of whimsy to this classic white knit hat (pictured left.) It costs $7 from Forever 21. This girly metallic take on a trapper hat (pictured right) is sure to keep your ears warm. It costs $11 from Forever 21.

No snow-inspired outfit is complete without a warm all-white jacket.

[These fuzzy pure white jackets will keep you nice and toasty on a brisk winter day. Photos Courtesy Colombia and The North Face.]

Stay warm and cozy with this classic hooded fleece jacket from Columbia (pictured left.) It costs $42. This sleek lightweight jacket from The North Face (pictured right) works great as a layering option on super cold days or as a casual thrown-on for only slightly chilly days. It costs $80.

Shoes are always the best part of any outfit, to me. And these snow boots are no exception.

[These stylish snow boots might actually make you want to shovel that driveway. Maybe. Photos Courtesy]

These short fur lined snow boots (pictured left) are oh-so cute. They cost $60 at Nothing’s worse on a cold day than wet socks. These space age-style boots (pictured right) are definitely tall enough to keep the snow out. They cost $87 at

Do  you like the all-white look for winter? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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Poll: What Is Your Favorite Fashion Accessory?


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3 Fun Hats For Summer

When you’re not as meticulous with the sunscreen applications as you should be, just remember to throw on a hat.

Not all skin is the same. And the delicate skin on your face is especially susceptible to harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays because it gets a lot of sun exposure, according to the American Cancer Society.

Wearing stylish summer hats is an an easy way to protect your skin. Check out my favorite hats for summer.

Floppy hats

These hats are the ultimate beachwear accessory. Plus the wider brimmed ones keep sun off your neck and shoulders, as well as your face.

[Wear this classic floppy hat to the pool or beach. Photo courtesy Forever 21.]

The elegant look of this wide brimmed floppy hat makes me feel like it should be perched on the head of a Southern belle while she watches the Kentucky Derby. But it’s also perfect for lounging by the pool. I like the classic, simple design. This hat also comes in a light straw color and is only $7 from Forever 21.

Cowboy hats

What kind of midwesterner would I be if I didn’t add a cowboy hat to my list of favorites? I’m not saying you should go all out and complete the outfit with distressed cowboy boots and a button down shirt tied up to reveal your belly button, but a simple cowboy hat can still be fashionable.

[Wear this cute cowboy hat with a flirty dress. Photo courtesy Urban Outfitters.]

Not all cowboy hats have to look masculine, as this über-feminine hat shows. The delicate cutouts and floppy structure scream “girly.” Wear this flirty cowboy hat to the beach. This hat is $34 from Urban Outfitters.

Military caps

Lightweight canvas caps are the ultimate versatile hats for summer. Pull one over your beach hair or wear one to an outdoor get-together to add a little fun to your outfit.

[Wear this classic hat with lightweight khakis. Photo courtesy Target.]

Crisp, clean, white is the perfect summer color. You’ll be reaching for this simple white military cap all summer long. This cap is $22 from Target.

What’s your favorite summer hat? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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