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Get Samantha’s Look From Sex and the City 2 For Cheap

The girls were back May 27 in all of their fashion glory. Because a majority of Sex and the City 2 was set in Abu Dhabi, many of the foursome’s outfits had a modern-woman-meets-traditional-Arab style.  I think the girls’ best fashion moments in the movie, though, were when they were still in New York.

[Use these three tips to get Samantha’s stylish look from Sex and the City 2 (while on a budget.) Photo courtesy Warner Bros.]

In the beginning of the movie Samantha wears a sultry black cutout dress with white high-heeled slides. Only she can pull this look off during the day. For us regular women, her outfit would work better at night. Many of us also can’t afford to dish out thousands of dollars for a single outfit. Here’s how to get Samantha’s look while on a tight budget.

This is a similar version of Samantha’s black cutout dress for only $25 from Forever 21.

[Wear this Samantha-inspired little black dress on a night out. Photo courtesy Forever 21.]

These shoes are a similar version of Samantha’s white high-heeled slides for only $30 from Charlotte Russe.

[These versatile platform sandals work great for day or night. Photo courtesy Charlotte Russe.]

These gold hoop earrings are a similar version to the ones Samantha wears. They are only $5 from Forever 21.

[Classic hoop earrings never go out of style. Photo courtesy Forever 21.]

What do you think about the girls’ looks in Sex and the City 2? Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts!

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