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Fashion Trend: Combining Vintage With Modern

Delicate jewelry. Embroidered tops. Lace. Nothing looks more feminine than clothes with vintage touches. Keep your look fresh, and not reminiscent of your grandmother’s wardrobe, by pairing vintage with modern pieces. Think skinny cargos and moto boots.

Want to add a little romance to your wardrobe? Check out the looks below to learn how to mix vintage elements with today’s trends.

[Pair soft and edgy pieces to update vintage items for fashion today. Photos courtesy Maurices and Forever 21.]

The look above mixes hard and soft elements to create an outfit that is ultra-modern. With a floral overlay, fluttery sleeves and a soft cream color, this vintage-looking top from Maurices is super sweet. But when paired with skinny jeans or cargos, and these edgy brown moto boots from Forever 21, the top goes from sweet to sexy.

[Menswear-inspired pieces combined with ultra feminine, vintage styles keep this look fresh. Photos courtesy American Eagle and Forever 21.]

Combining a classic, like this white oxford shirt from American Eagle, with a vintage piece, like this flowy gray skirt from Forever 21, creates a simple, yet sophisticated look. Add some vintage jewelry to up the feminine feel of this outfit.

[Military-inspired clothing is super fun to pair with girly pieces. Photos courtesy American Eagle and Old Navy.]

This pretty bronze-colored tank with fabric flowers from Old Navy goes great under an army green military jacket, like this one from American Eagle. Pair military-inspired styles with ruffles and lace to keep the look feminine.

Do you like the vintage look? How do you like to wear it? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

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Question Of The Day: How Do You Transition Your Wardrobe Between Seasons?

During the end of September and early October, the weather likes to play a teasing game. At least in the Midwest, each day during these months could bring blazing hot temps or chilly winds or (not often enough) something in between.

So what do you wear when it’s not quite time for fall fashion? Combat Mother Nature with these tips to stay stylish even with erratic weather.

Light and airy

Keep your fabrics light. You want to wear something that’s breathable in case of a warm front. Fabrics like cotton, linen or silk are naturally breathable, but jersey and other knit fabrics can also stay cool.

[This simple cowl neck top from Old Navy has 3/4-length sleeves, which makes it a great piece to wear during the transition from summer to fall. Photo courtesy Old Navy.]

This cowl neck top from Old Navy is made of jersey fabric and has draping that keeps it pulled away from the body. Plus it’s only $17.50.

Layers upon layers

The hands-down best way to transition your wardrobe between summer and fall is to wear light layers. For this look, buttons, zippers and ties are your friends. You want clothes that are easy to pull off and on with unpredictable weather changes.

One of my favorite trends for fall is the slouchy cardigan. It adds a comfy, yet fashionable vibe to an outfit.

[Add this cute neutral cardigan to any outfit if the weather turns chilly. Photo courtesy Forever 21.]

This charcoal cardigan from Forever 21 has an open front, which keeps air flowing. But the cardigan still covers the arms and can be pulled closed if the weather turns cool. To balance its length, pair it with slim pants or a pencil skirt. This cardigan costs $20.

Pretty dresses

Not only are dresses easy to wear, (just pull it over your head and voilà: instant outfit) but they also are perfect transitional pieces. Wear a dress as-is for warmer days or add tights or leggings with a pair of great fall boots for cooler weather.

[Add some tights and boots and this pretty dress with ruffle detailing transitions easily from summer to fall. Photo courtesy Gap.]

At $45, this ruffle shirtdress from Gap is a little more expensive. This dress would move easily from summer to fall. It’s made of lightweight cotton, looks great by itself or with tights and has delicate details that keep it always in style.

How do you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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Fall Fashion Trend: How To Wear Military-Inspired Styles

Get ready to head into battle ladies; this fall’s latest trend is military-inspired clothing. Originally, the women’s military look came out of the 18th and 19th centuries, during which women added touches of military style to their gowns by using braids, tassels and cords.

[Keep the military look feminine by combining strong masculine pieces, like combat boots, with girly pieces, like dresses or skirts. Photo courtesy Gabriela Camerotti/Flickr.]

Military-inspired styles are nothing new in the fashion world, but for Fall 2010 the look is more reminiscent of today’s military uniforms, rather than historical uniforms.

Today’s look is played down. Key elements of an outfit, not the entire outfit, reflect military style, which helps to keep the look feminine. So what makes an outfit”military” style? Check out the elements below.

Elements of “military” style.

Earthy tones such as greens, dark browns, khakis, and of course the classic army green, help create the military look.

Structured jackets, shirts and pants give off a masculine vibe.

Features such as pockets, flaps, buckles and buttons give clothing a utilitarian edge.

How to wear it. (While on a budget.)

[Photo illustration by Kirsten Hudson. Photos courtesy Forever 21 and Payless.]

A great coat.
One of the best ways to incorporate military style into your wardrobe is to purchase a versatile coat. This double-breasted coat from Forever 21 is the epitome of military style with its structured design, flaps and rows of metallic buttons. The bright red color tones down the harsh edges of the coat, and gives it a feminine feel. Plus the coat is only $33!

The aviator look.
If you want to try the military look without going overboard just put on some cute aviator sunglasses. They’ll add a dash of chic to your outfit immediately. Try this pair from Forever 21 for $6.

Piece by piece.
An easy way to mimic the military look without breaking the bank is to use pieces already in your wardrobe. Wear a chunky boot that you already own, especially if it has buckles. These boots from Payless are a good example. They don’t scream “military,” but still give that feel.  Or simply take that military cap you were wearing all summer and add it to your fall wardrobe. Of course, you could always buy a new one, like this adorable wool buckle cadet hat from Payless for only $10.

Pair with feminine pieces.
In a recent episode of Project Runway, the designers created looks with the combination of military and lace; the ultra-masculine with the ultra-feminine. To make the military look appear less harsh, add uber-feminine pieces. For example, wear a ruffle top under an open military jacket. Or try cargo pants with a high heel.

What do you think of military style? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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Poll: What Is Your Favorite Fashion Accessory?


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3 Fun Hats For Summer

When you’re not as meticulous with the sunscreen applications as you should be, just remember to throw on a hat.

Not all skin is the same. And the delicate skin on your face is especially susceptible to harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays because it gets a lot of sun exposure, according to the American Cancer Society.

Wearing stylish summer hats is an an easy way to protect your skin. Check out my favorite hats for summer.

Floppy hats

These hats are the ultimate beachwear accessory. Plus the wider brimmed ones keep sun off your neck and shoulders, as well as your face.

[Wear this classic floppy hat to the pool or beach. Photo courtesy Forever 21.]

The elegant look of this wide brimmed floppy hat makes me feel like it should be perched on the head of a Southern belle while she watches the Kentucky Derby. But it’s also perfect for lounging by the pool. I like the classic, simple design. This hat also comes in a light straw color and is only $7 from Forever 21.

Cowboy hats

What kind of midwesterner would I be if I didn’t add a cowboy hat to my list of favorites? I’m not saying you should go all out and complete the outfit with distressed cowboy boots and a button down shirt tied up to reveal your belly button, but a simple cowboy hat can still be fashionable.

[Wear this cute cowboy hat with a flirty dress. Photo courtesy Urban Outfitters.]

Not all cowboy hats have to look masculine, as this über-feminine hat shows. The delicate cutouts and floppy structure scream “girly.” Wear this flirty cowboy hat to the beach. This hat is $34 from Urban Outfitters.

Military caps

Lightweight canvas caps are the ultimate versatile hats for summer. Pull one over your beach hair or wear one to an outdoor get-together to add a little fun to your outfit.

[Wear this classic hat with lightweight khakis. Photo courtesy Target.]

Crisp, clean, white is the perfect summer color. You’ll be reaching for this simple white military cap all summer long. This cap is $22 from Target.

What’s your favorite summer hat? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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Fashion Trend: The Maxi Dress

Since summer clothes began hitting stores a few months ago, I’ve seen the maxi dress popping up everywhere. This floor length flowy gown is made of lightweight fabric and often comes in tropical prints and bright colors.

[The maxi dress is a hot trend right now, but this long dress doesn’t look flattering on many women. Photo courtesy Forever 21.]

Maybe I’m just jealous because my five-foot stature would never allow me to wear a maxi dress, but it doesn’t seem like this trend can appeal to the masses. These dresses seem to be fit only for models and Amazonian women.

According to a National Health Statistics Report conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2003 to 2006, the average woman’s height in the U.S. is about 5 foot 3 inches. Meaning most women in the U.S. would look like toddlers playing dress up in their mothers’ clothes if they wore maxi dresses.

Everything about the maxi dress isn’t all bad, though. The dress appears to be a fashionable and easy alternative to a swimsuit cover up. It also would be a nice, breezy outfit on a hot summer day. It’s just not a good trend for anyone who doesn’t have miles of legs.

What do you think about the maxi dress? Do you own one? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section.

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Tip Of The Day: When NOT To Wear High Heels

A killer pair of heels can make a woman feel tall, powerful and sexy. Wearing them at inappropriate times, though, can make her look lean more towards the trashy or the ridiculous. Avoid wearing heels to these locations and you’ll never have a questionable shoe moment.

[Sometimes it’s best not to break out the stilettos. Avoid wearing high heels at the beach, sporting events and the airport. Photo courtesy cowbite/Flickr.]

The beach or the swimming pool

Only models and the ultimate fashionistas in the fantasy world of Sex and the City can pull off the swimsuit and high heels combination. Otherwise that outfit looks, well, more like that of a Playboy bunny. Plus no one can walk on sand in heels. Stick with some good ole flip-flops.

Sporting events

Keep the girly girl accessories to a minimum at sporting events. You can still look feminine without bringing out the stilettos at the ball game. Wear a cute outfit and some flats instead.

The airport

You may want to channel your inner adorable world traveler by wearing heels and carrying matching luggage, but the reality of the airport makes that shoe choice a bit unsuitable. Do you really want to hightail through the airport in four-inch heels because of a last-minute gate change? Or balance on one precarious spike while trying to take off your other shoe in the security line? You won’t be sorry if you wear your slightly beaten up, but most comfy shoes when traveling.

Do you have an embarrassing shoe moment? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

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