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Get Samantha’s Look From Sex and the City 2 For Cheap

The girls were back May 27 in all of their fashion glory. Because a majority of Sex and the City 2 was set in Abu Dhabi, many of the foursome’s outfits had a modern-woman-meets-traditional-Arab style.  I think the girls’ best fashion moments in the movie, though, were when they were still in New York.

[Use these three tips to get Samantha’s stylish look from Sex and the City 2 (while on a budget.) Photo courtesy Warner Bros.]

In the beginning of the movie Samantha wears a sultry black cutout dress with white high-heeled slides. Only she can pull this look off during the day. For us regular women, her outfit would work better at night. Many of us also can’t afford to dish out thousands of dollars for a single outfit. Here’s how to get Samantha’s look while on a tight budget.

This is a similar version of Samantha’s black cutout dress for only $25 from Forever 21.

[Wear this Samantha-inspired little black dress on a night out. Photo courtesy Forever 21.]

These shoes are a similar version of Samantha’s white high-heeled slides for only $30 from Charlotte Russe.

[These versatile platform sandals work great for day or night. Photo courtesy Charlotte Russe.]

These gold hoop earrings are a similar version to the ones Samantha wears. They are only $5 from Forever 21.

[Classic hoop earrings never go out of style. Photo courtesy Forever 21.]

What do you think about the girls’ looks in Sex and the City 2? Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts!

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Question Of The Day: Is It Ever OK To Wear Black And Brown Together?

Fashion rules have routinely dictated that blacks and browns remain separate. For me, however, the combination of the two neutrals can work—sometimes. If you’re wearing a black dress and brown shoes to a wedding, you might be the subject of a bit of “fashion don’t” gossip. But these traditionally unmixable colors truly can work together in an outfit. Find out how:

[Not sure about pairing brown and black? The combination of these traditionally unmixable colors can work if you follow a few easy tips. Photo courtesy Huzzah Vintage/Flickr.]

Mix “warm” browns with black.

One of my favorite outfit combinations is a black sweater dress with rust-colored knee length boots. The colors compliment each other and the black-on-brown makes my shoes (my favorite part of any outfit) “pop.” Metallic browns also go well with black.

Don’t play it safe.

Don’t be too wimpy when combining black and brown in an outfit. The combination of a black shirt, black pants, black shoes and a brown belt will look odd. If you’re still unsure about the black/brown combo, start with adding a larger brown element to your outfit such as a purse or a leather jacket.

That said, don’t go too crazy.

Try not to make your entire outfit consist of different shades of browns and blacks. As always, make sure your blacks match, otherwise your outfit will look off. When mixing brown with black, also try to keep the shades of the brown elements similar as well, otherwise the outfit will be overkill.

Remember fashion “rules” are just guidelines. Having your own style means choosing when to follow and when to break the “rules.”

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4 Questionably Fashionable Summer Accessories

While warmer temperatures mean sunny days spent at the pool, lazy summer nights and lots of sunscreen applications, the temperature rise also brings a new season of fashion trends. Designers and clothing stores try to shake up the summer usual of the T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops combo by putting forth a profusion of summer fashion accessories.

You may be tempted to add some visual interest to the typically laidback style of summer clothes with new accessories, but be careful how you wear them—they could turn your outfit into a fashion mishap. Watch out for how you wear these four summer accessories.

[Flip-flops are a great summer fashion accessory. But when they get grungy and stained, it’s time to toss them. Photo courtesy c.a.s.e.y./Flickr.]

1. Fedora hat

This summer, lightweight straw Fedoras are all over stores. I don’t want to rule out this style completely. These summer hats can look good with a simple outfit and the right hairstyle, but if combined with too many other accessories such as large frame sunglasses, chunky earrings and iPod headphones, (yes, these tend to be an accessory for some) they can make you look like you’re trying too hard to “accessorize.”

If you want to try this look, limit your other accessories, keep your outfit simple (the hat should be the attention-grabber) and pull your hair into a loose side ponytail or wear it down, but slightly messy.

2. Summer scarf

Unless it’s an uncharacteristically chilly night, wearing a scarf during the summer looks ridiculous. Even though summer scarves are usually smaller and made of more lightweight fabrics than their winter counterparts, save scarves for a brisk day.

If you want to try this look, though, keep your scarf to wear for a nice occasion, such as a wedding or a party. Don’t wear it with shorts and sandals. Pair a fancier scarf with a dress, but make sure to wear the scarf loose around your neck.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a summer staple—and my favorite fashion accessory on sunny days. But like anything that you choose to put on your body, clothes and accessories say something about you to others. And wearing sunglasses indoors makes a person appear standoffish and unapproachable. Nobody wants to talk to a pair of black lenses instead of eyes.

Other than that minor pet peeve of mine, I say go crazy with your sunnies. Try some shades with bright colors or even patterns for a fun summer look. These retro bamboo sunglasses are super fun!

4. Flip-flops

Letting your tootsies “be free” in a pair of flip-flops is one of the best parts of summer. But one of the most disgusting parts of summer is seeing someone wearing a pair of grungy flip-flops. When there are visible footprint stains on your flops or they’ve obviously been well worn, it’s time to toss them.  Also keep in mind that certain flip-flops, the cheap plastic ones, are really only appropriate for the beach, not for everyday wear.

What do you think about the summer fashion accessories? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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Tip Of The Day: Matching Colors

If you’re looking in the mirror and you know that there’s something off about your outfit, but can’t figure out what, consider the colors. Often, if the colors match too closely your outfit just doesn’t look right.

[Consider your colors when getting dressed. Photo courtesy Yiping Lim/Flickr.]

Also, check to make sure your blacks match. Mismatched black pieces make an outfit look off.

Are you color-conscious? Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to matching? Tell me your tips in the comments section!

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The Perfect Bag: What Are The Qualities Of Your Favorite Purse?

I consider myself a shoe person, not a purse person. Unlike shoes, which I buy too often, I usually find a purse that I love and use it until the handle falls off or it gets too dirty to wear in public.

[This houndstooth purse from Target has all of my “essential” elements for a bag. Photo by Kirsten Hudson.]

My favorite purse that I’ve been using lately is this large, houndstooth tote I bought at Target a while ago. This purse fulfills all of the qualities that I like in an everyday bag and then some!

Essential quality number one: Size

None of those little clutch purses that only hold a wallet and a phone for me; I need a large bag. My guy friends refer to this bag as my “camping bag” because they say it’s large enough to hold everything needed for a camping trip. Well, almost. Usually I cram books, several tupperware containers holding my lunch, a water bottle, a scarf or light sweater depending on the weather and other essentials when I head to class. I’ve even put groceries in it before when I forgot my reusable bags. This bag is big enough to hold whatever I may need without looking like a duffle bag.

Essential quality number two: Adaptability

I need a bag that can adapt to lots of different situations. This bag is very versatile. It works as both my backpack and gym bag, but looks nice enough that I can carry it to interviews and when going out to eat.

Essential quality number three: Look

When shopping for a bag though, it really just comes down to one factor. Do you spot it and say “Oh that’s cute,” or not. Because if not, all of the other qualities don’t matter. I love the classic look of this bag.

A little extra

The hands down best quality about this purse though, is the narrow pouch on the front. I use it as a cup holder almost every day to hold my water bottle. My little secret is that I often hide cups of coffee and other drinks that you’re not supposed to bring into movie theatres and other places in that pouch. It’s exactly the right size to hold drinks without spilling. The pouch is also great to hold keys or a phone because digging for keys at the bottom of a purse this size can get frustrating.

If you love purses that multitask like me, check out the slideshow below. I found several cute purses with those convenient front pouches!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What are the qualities of your favorite purse? Tell me about them in the comments section.

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The Vest: Can It Ever Look Good?

Maybe it was the trauma of being forced to wear homemade vest/dress combinations sewn by my grandma (sorry Mimi!) when I was young, but I’ve always felt anti-vest.

The concept of the vest has always eluded me. Is it an accessory? Is it a layering piece, meant to keep you warmer? (And if so, it doesn’t seem to help a whole lot.) Is it just something to throw on when you don’t know what else to do with an outfit? These questions about the purpose of the vest have made me wonder if my assumptions are wrong and if a vest really can ever look good.

As it is now spring, I decided to focus on lightweight vests. Below is a slideshow of vests that aren’t too awful (ok they’re kinda cute.) If worn with the right outfit these could be a lot of fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think about vests? Do you like the ones in the slideshow? Leave me a comment and tell me all your vest-related thoughts!

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